Sense of Self and Angular/Succedent/Cadent Houses

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Sense of Self and Angular/Succedent/Cadent Houses

Post by whirlbee on Sun Jan 10, 2016 1:59 pm


I am reading Kusyar Ibn Labban's Introduction to Astrology (written in the 10th century AD).

"The cardines indicate the power of a matter, its appearance and its completion. The succedents indicate what one hopes to exist, and it is moderate in appearance and power. The declines, that is, the cadents,  indicate what has passed away, obscurity, and hiddenness." (p. 75)

In terms of the natal chart, I understand this as he considers angular placements to indicate what is within our power to know/have/be etc; planets in succedent houses show what we can hope for and achieve (with effort); and cadent placements signify what has already happened and/or what is beyond our power.

So, I started to muse about the Sun in a horoscope. Of course, there are more to planets than their house placements: signs and aspects etc, but for the moment, I put them in brackets.

If I apply what Ibn Labban says, then a person with an angular Sun would have a strong sense of ego/self/persona/etc and they would express themselves without much difficulty (actually, they would hardly be able to avoid it). Someone with the Sun in a succedent house would have to make some effort to find themselves and their voice. And someone with the Sun in a cadent house would either have a fragile sense of self and/or would have to compromise their self and/or their self-expression seriously.

Anyone wants to discuss?

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